The Seasonal Ritual Cycle

By the late Shomer Michael Freedman S.G. with adaptations from his other writings & notes from Shomer Bryon S.


"The Society of firmly in what might be called the 'Western Mystery Tradition'. While using the language of the Qabalah we work with Ancient Solar Mysteries, in particular the Pantheons of Pre-Zoroastrian Persia, as well as those of Classical Greece and Rome. These rites are are descended from the Mysteries of Mithras, Lord of the Sun and Life (who was born of a virgin on the 25th of December), one of the Triad of Ahuras or supreme gods worshiped by the Magi of Ancient Persia" (Michael Freedman). The Mithraic cult was popular in Rome in the first centuries A.D., where aspects of the mysteries were incorporated into early Christianity. 

The key themes of the 12 seasonal rites of the Zodiac are listed below:

June 21st: In Cancer, at Midwinter Solstice, the Spark of Light emerges from the Darkness. The theme of "Light out of the Darkness" and the rebirth of the Sun God - the Divine Child.  It is a Water Sign festival. Christmas in Southern Hemisphere.

July 23rd: In LEO it lights the Hearth-fire of Home around which we sit and beside which we sleep through the long winter nights. Candlemas (2nd August). The Growth of Light. Relates to Fire and the Archangel Michael.


August 23rd: In VIRGO we hear of the Earth Mother Adamah Chawah (Eve). In Greek mysteries it relates to the Mother Goddess Demeter and her daughter Kore-Persephone. Also other myths of the seasonal descent and return of the Goddess from the underworld.This time relates to the returned flame of the Great Earth Mother, who is taken from us in Winter. The focus of the Festival is on the Earth regenerating after winter.


September 23rd: In LIBRA at the Spring Equinox She comes forth once more as Venus-Aphrodite, Goddess of Spring and of Fertile Love. The balance of Light and Darkness is restored. Also balancing the energies of exchange, and myths of the Sacred Marriage or Heiros Gammos. Relates to Netzach on the Tree of Life.


October 24th: In SCORPIO the Spear of Light descends into the Grail of the Fertile Mother. The mystery of the Five Gates of the Scorpion are enacted. The focus of the Rite is on the Transformation of Energies. Water and the Archangel Gavriel.


November 22nd: In SAGITTARIUS the Fiery Arrow of Light fertilises the Spark. The Rite is often centered around the Fire Altar and the God of Light and Fire. Honouring the Fiery Shekinah


December 22nd: At Midsummer, in CAPRICORN, the Radiant Sun arises in the fullness of its Glory, the Divine Child of the Great Mother rises in Full Glory as Lord of Light. We celebrate Christos-Mithras-Helios, the Lord of the Sun at Dawn as we greet the rising Sun. 


January 20th: In AQUARIUS, the Divine Child as Healer brings wholeness to the World. Often the Solemn ritual of Healing the Nations is done, or other Healing Rituals. Relates to Air, and Archangel Raphael. 


February 19th: In PISCES, the Divine Child as Seer beholds and knows all the universe both manifest and unmanifest. This is the Festival of the World Mother Miriam (Mary). The Litany and Mass of the Great Mother if performed. 


March 21st: In ARIESat Autumn Equinox the Divine Child as Priest and Prince puts on priestly robes and a royal crown (Having Conquered Death). We put on the armour of Elohim as we prepare for the dark time of the year. Themes of Sacrifice, the dying and resurrecting God-King (Christ, Tammuz, the Bull of Mithras, Osiris).  


April 20th: In TAURUS. The Divine Child as Dance-weaver leads the Dance of Lights within the Limitless Light. Celebration of the Harvest and Bounty of the Blessed Earth. Relates to the Element of Earth and the Archangel Uriel. 


May 21st: In GEMINI, the Divine Child as Teacher gathers the Companions to hear Words of Light and Life and Love. The messages and teachings of Yeheshua, and the Saints. Honouring the Ancestors (All Hallows).


June 21st: At Midwinter, in CANCER, The Divine Child emerges from the Darkness as a Spark of Light returned to bring hope to mankind again. Who is the Divine Child?  He is. I am. Thou art. They are. We are.

Among the Guardians, some members see the Divine Child as Yeheshua, Christ. Others see it as more or less the equivalent of the Holy Guardian Angel much spoken of in Golden Dawn circles. The Divine Child is the God waiting to be born within each one of us. In Hebrew, we name the Divine Child, Yaho-yeledh, YHWYLD, whose measure is 65, which is 1 x 5 x13, the Fivefold expression of the Unity [AChD, 13, One], and is also the measure of 'Adonai, ADNY, Lord.