Mystical Chapel Services

Evening Eucharist services in the Liberal Catholic & Celtic mystical traditions are held 8 times per year at 7:30pm. The "Mystical Mass" is conducted by an ordained priest with valid Apostolic Succession in the Liberal Catholic and Celtic Christian Traditions. Services include candles, music and chant, incense, prayers for the world, meditation or contemplative prayer, and the sacrament of Bread and Wine. These services are public and people from all denominations and traditions (or none) are welcome. All may attend if they enter the chapel with respect and reverence. 

Please Email Father Ciaran  for further information.


  • Sunday 21st Jan: Eucharist Service (Meditation/Prayers for Peace)        

  • Sun 25th Feb: Eucharist Service (Lammas/Loaf Mass)                               

  • Sun 28th April: Eucharist (Autumn Harvest Festival)                                    

  • Sun 26th May: Eucharist Service (Samhain/All Hallows)                            

  • Sun 28th July: Eucharist Service (Imbolc/Candlemas)                              

  • Sun 25th Aug: Eucharist Service (Feast of Mary)                                         

  • Sun 20th Oct: Eucharist Service (Beltane & Feast of St Francis)           

  • Sun 22nd Dec: Eucharist Service (Midsummer/Advent)