The evening 'Mystical Eucharist' (Mass of the Archangels) services are public and open to any who may wish to attend with respect and reverence. 

 Associate Membership applications are welcome from men and women over 16 years of age who hold a belief in God/the Divine, and have a sincere desire to walk the Mystical Path and  embark on a journey of personal growth and spiritual development, while dedicating themselves to the service of humanity. 

Applications for Full membership (and attendance at the seasonal Sanctuary Rituals ) are invited by those who have attended public services for one year, have completed the Meditation course (or learnt Centering Prayer or Christian Meditation) and read/worked through 'The Qabalah of the Guardians: An Elementary Course in Technical Mysticism'. Full Membership of each Sanctuary is limited to 22 people. 

Dues for Associate and Full Members are kept at a minimum ($150 NZ per year/$12.50 per month) to contribute towards church rental, ritual supplies (Wine, candles, incense, altar cloths, regalia/robes, consumables, printing costs, and website expenses etc.). All money goes back into Society activities.

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